Reversible Reactions



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Reversible Reactions

Reversible Reactions
The reaction can proceed both backward and forward at the same time. The reaction is represented by a symbol “⇌.” The forward arrow indicates the forward reaction where reactants combine to form products, and a backward arrow denotes the opposite.
Such as: N2(g)  + 3H2(g)  ⇌  2NH3(g) 

Factors affecting reversible reaction:
Two factors that affect reversible reaction are Temperature and Pressure.

1. Temperature: when it is increased, it favors the breaking of the bonds. Hence the reaction moves backward (in the example mentioned above)

2. Pressure: when it is increased, more the number of collisions occur, hence the reaction moves forward (in the example above)

Dynamic Equilibrium:

The reversible reactions can achieve dynamic equilibrium when the rate of both forward and backward reactions becomes equal. Hence, there is no overall change in the amounts of products and reactants. To increase the rate of a reversible reaction, we remove the product formed. Hence, the reaction moves in the forward direction.

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