The Relationship of Quran with Hadith


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The Relationship of Quran with Hadith

The Relationship of Quran with Hadith
The Holy Quran is basically the message of ALLAH which provides us the principles of Islam which help us to resolve the various issues in our daily life activities. But most of the time the messages given in the Holy Quran are in brief terms while the hadith of the Holy Prophet explains the details of these brief terms. There are clear instructions given in the Holy Quran to obey and to follow the Prophet Muhamad (Peace be upon him). The Holy Quran says that “Obey ALLAH and Obey the messenger”. The hadith along with the holy Quran is considered as the foundation of Islamic education and Islamic laws.

The Holy Quran describes the basic principles of life where guidance was required to live a practical life. There are many things which are given in the Quran which are essential to follow but the details were not given in the Quran. The detail of these principles and instructions were given in the hadith to follow to live a life like a practical Muslim.  It is an obvious thing that nobody could guide us better than our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). He provided us theoretical and practical aspects of life which were interpreted in the hadith in detail. We all should make it clear in our minds that the structure of Islam is based upon the Quran and the sayings of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) which are called hadith.

We can have various examples from the Holy Quran that the order is given in it but the explanation is given in the Hadith. The holy Quran says to offer prayer but the detail is not given in the Holy Quran. The five times of prayers and the Rakat of the prayers are given from the Hadith. Which prayer should be offered to pray at which time, all the details are given in the hadith. It is also said in the Holy Quran that take fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. But the time of fasting is described in the hadith. All the Muslims know that Zakat is obligatory while how much zakat should we pay? How much amount should we have to pay the zakat? All the details are given in the hadith?

Sometimes we know the details of the punishments from hadith. The holy Quran orders to cut the hand of the thieves while Hadith provides the absolute details that which and how much the hand should be cut off. According to the hadith, the right hand from the cuff had to be cut off if the crime is proved.
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