Revelation of Quran


Islamiyat 2058

Revelation of Quran

Revelation of Quran

Dreams as The First Step to Revelation

Our holy prophet Muhamad (Peace be upon him) used to go to the cave of Hira to worship ALLAH.
When Muhamad (Peace be upon him) came to the age of forty, he used to see dreams that became reality. These dreams continued until six months.

The Revelation of First Verses

Once he was busy in worship, Hazrat Jibrael appeared in the cave and asked him to read.
Muhamad (Peace be upon him) replied I can’t. Again Hazrat Jibrael asked him to read, Muhamad (Peace be upon him) replied I can’t.
This happened with Muhamad (Peace be upon him) three times then fourth time the Jibrael said Read with the name of ALLAH who created you.
Our holy prophet Muhamad (Peace be upon him) repeated these words. These words were then remembered in his mind.

Visit to Warqa Bin Nofel

After that Muhamad (Peace be upon him) visited Warqa bin Nofel with his wife Hazrat Khadija (R.A.). Warqa bin Nofel was a close relative of Hazrat Khadija.
He informed Muhamad (Peace be upon him) that you will be declared as a prophet which has been discussed in the Bible.
He also informed him that one day you will leave Makkah as people of Makkah will not support you.
In the meantime, no message came from ALLAH. Muhamad (Peace be upon him) got some worried about it.

Further Revelation

Once again he heard someone is calling him. He saw his right, left, front and back but there was no one. He heard the sound again. Then he saw that an angel is standing in front of him and he is so high.
Muhamad (Peace be upon him) had to look upside to see him but got afraid of him and went back to home.
He asked his wife to give him a blanket.
Then the revelation of these Ayaat happened as “O, you cover himself with a garment, arise and warn people and glorify your Lord (ALLAH)”.
After that, the holy prophet Muhamad (Peace be upon him) continued received the messages from ALLAH through Hazrat Jibreal.

The Total Duration of Revelation

The total duration of the revelation of the Holy Quran is about 23 years.
Some of the Surahs were revealed in Makkah while some in Medina. It is because some of the Surahs are called Makki Surah while some are called Madni Surah.

Modes of Revelation

There were some ways or modes which were used to receive the messages of ALLAH through Hazrat Jibrael.
Sometimes Hazrat Jibrael came in his own form and sometimes in the form of a man while sometimes our holy prophet Muhamad (Peace be upon him) used to hear the rings of the bells and after that, he received the revelation.

Sensations at The Time Of Revelations

At the time of revelation, our holy prophet Muhamad (Peace be upon him) felt different sensations.
Sometimes felt cold shivered and sometimes increase in body weight.
One of his companions said that once I was sitting with Muhamad (Peace be upon him) in a way that my leg was under his leg and the message came. At that moment I felt that my leg will be crushed.

The Revelation of The Quran In Its Own Words

Quran also discusses its revelation. Like in one surah, it is said in Quran that 'We have without doubt sent down the message and we will assuredly guard it (from corruption)'. In another surah, it is said that 'Undoubtedly, we sent it down in the blessed and valuable night.
It is the last book which contains the message of ALLAH to humankind. It is now safe of any kind of corruption till the day of judgment.

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