Quran as a Source of Guidance


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Quran as a Source of Guidance

Quran as a Source of Guidance
Quran is a source of spiritual guidance for every Muslim. It is a holy book that is sent down by the ALLAH Almighty for guidance of the whole of mankind. It is the only book which is remained in its original form. It is also said in the Holy Quran that and “without any doubt we sent down the message and we will assuredly guard it from corruption”.

It should always be kept in mind that the Holy Quran is not only the holy book but it provides us the complete code of life whether it is related to the religion, economy, sociology, family, education, law, politics or any other field of the life. The holy Quran also says that “And we have sent down a book to thee which explaining all the things”.

Quran has a clear focus on education as it starts with “Read with the name of ALLAH who created you”. In Islam, getting an education is compulsory for all men and women.

Quran gives us judicial guidance as well. Quran orders to cut the hands of the thieves. Besides that, there are instructions that the eye is for an eye, the nose is for nose, the ear is for ear, life is for life and money in the revenge of money but if someone wants to forgive, it is better as ALLAH Almighty likes forgiveness.

As far as prayers are concerned, there are clear orders of ALLAH Almighty in the Holy Quran to offer prays. Reminders are given many times in the Quran to offer Namaz and to pay the Zakat. Namaz is the prayer to whom the first question will be asked on the day of judgment. It is also a pillar of Islam. Clear instructions are also given for Zakat as well. Fasting and Hajj are also discussed in detail in the Holy Quran.

There are very clear instructions about family and how to maintain relationships with family members.

It should always be kept in mind that the Quranic laws are everlasting. No one can change them.

Quran is an eternal guide for us with its basic and fundamental beliefs. It is an authentic and dependable channel from where we can take guidance for our whole life. It covers all aspects of human life including spiritual aspects as well. The holy Quran is a book of guidance that guides us towards the right path where the rewards are waiting for us and stops us to adopt the wrong path where punishment will be given to those who adopted it.
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