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Pillars of Islam Salah

Pillars of Islam Salah

Salah (Namaz)

Salah (namaz) is the second pillar of Islam. It is an essential duty of every Muslim to perform namaz five times a day. It is a duty that is essential to perform in every condition whether it is peace or war, sickness or wellness. It is equally important to perform for every Muslim whether he is rich or poor. The importance of the namaz can be understood with the incident of Mairaj. The order to offer namaz is given on the skies while all of the other duties are instructed to perform on earth. It is the duty that brings the man closer to the ALLAH. Mainly there are five prayers that are compulsory to offer for every Muslim on a daily basis at different times. The name of these five prayers are Fajar, Zuhar, Asar, Maghrib, and Isha.

Preparation for Salah

When Muslims intend to perform the prayer, they have to make ablution first as it is not allowed to perform Salah with a dirty body and dirty dress.

In Salah, Muslims follow the proper dress code which is essential to perform the Salah. Without following the proper dress code, the Salah can't be performed.

They follow the proper direction towards 'Qiblah'.

Making intention is also an essential part of the Salah. Without proper intention, Salah remains incomplete.

Way to perform the Salah

After niyyat (intention), a person stands still and say Takbeer. While saying Takbeer, he/she raises his hands till ears then fold on the navel. After that, he/she recites Sana and Surah Fatiha and adds one more surah with Surah Fatiha. After that he/she performs Ruku and Sajda. After sajda his first Rakat ends. Then he/she stands still again and recite the same of first Rakat from Surah Fatiha and till sajda. After the second sajda, he/she sits and recites the Attahiyat, Durud Shareef and Dua after Durood Shareef. Then after saying Salam, he/she ends the Salah. If someone is performing Salah of four Rakat, he/she will stand up after first Attahiyat and complete the next two rakats in the same way.

Instructions given in the Quran about Salah (Namaz)

It is said in the Quran to offer to pray and it is said multiple times. Some of the ayaat are given below: 

"O you have believed, seek help through patience and prayer." 

"Indeed, prayer prohibits immorality and wrongdoing."

"And when you have completed the prayers, remember ALLAH standing, sitting or lying on your sides."

Benefits of Salah

Prevention from sins The key benefit of Salah is that it prevents us from sins. It is also described in Quran as 'Surely Salah keeps one away from shameful and evil deeds'.

Feelings of equality When we go to the mosque to offer prayers, we stand equally in front of ALLAH, Almighty. There is no difference in rich or poor inside the mosques especially when we offer to pray.

Meetings with neighborhood After performing Salah in mosque, we can meet people. As most of the time people perform pray in the mosque of their vicinity, so they can get known of the conditions of each other.

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