Main Collections of Shia and Sunni


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Main Collections of Shia and Sunni

Main Collections of Shia and Sunni


Sahih Al-Bukhari

Sahih Al-Bukhari was compiled by Imam Muhammad bin Ismail Bukhari and it is the book which is considered as most authentic after the Holy Quran. He traveled a lot in different countries to collect the hadith and to compile his work.   He collected about 600000 hadith and from which he accepted only 7397 and refused all others because of his strict criteria. His criteria were the most strict among all the other scholars of that time. 

Sahih Muslim

Sahih Muslim was compiled by Imam Muslim bun Hajjaj in which he compiled about 4000 hadith from the collection of 300000 while all other rejected by him. He also followed strict and critical criteria to verify the authenticity of hadith. Sahih Al Bukhari and Sahih Al Muslim are considered the most authentic books, it is because these two books are called Sahihain. If any hadith is quoted in Sahi al Bukhari or Sahih al Muslim, it means that all the Muslims will follow it as it has been termed as agreed upon.  

Sunan Abu Daud

Sunan Abu Daud was compiled by Abu Dawud who collected about 500000 hadith while he selected only 4800 and refused all rest of the hadith. He completed his work in about 20 years. It is said that there are some weak traditions are also included in his compilation.

Sunan Tirmizi 

Sunan Tirmizi was compiled by Abu Isa Al Tirmizi which contains about 3956 hadith in it. His work is divided into 50 chapters. Abu Isa Al Tirmizi was a student of Abu Dawud so he also followed the strict criteria to select the hadith to compile in his work.   

Sunan Ibne Majah

Sunan Ibne Majah was compiled by imam Ibne Majah who traveled widely to collect the hadith. His work is comprised of 4000 hadiths and divided into 32 books and 1500 chapters. It is also said that there are about 30 weak hadiths are also included in it.  

Sunan Nasai 

Sunan Nasai was compiled by Imam Nasai. In his book, there are almost 5662 hadiths which are divided into various chapters. He extensively quoted the hadith with differences in their various versions. In his time, he was the best evaluator of the narrators.  


Kitab Al-Kafi

Kitab Al-Kafi was compiled by Muhammad Yaqub Kulayni. Mainly it is divided into three sections i.e. Usul al kafi, furural al kafi Rawadatal kafi which deals with principles of religion, religious laws and various aspects of religion respectively. His work comprises about 16000 hadiths. 

Manla Yah duruhu Al-Faqih

Manla Yah duruhu Al-Faqih was compiled by Muhammad ibne Ali al-Qummi which contains about 9000 hadiths in it. Mainly this book is referred for the legal practices in Islam.

Tahdhibal-Ahkamfi Sharhal-Muqni’a

This book was compiled by Sheikh Tusi and contains about 13000 narrations in it. It doesn’t only contain the traditions but also has lengthy discussions regarding legal standings of each tradition.  

Istibsarfima’ Khatalafal-Akhbar

This book was also compiled by Sheikh Tusi and contains about 5000 narrations in it. The work is concise with full references and quoted which can be used by students and scholars. 

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