Imam Hassan


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Imam Hassan

Imam Hassan
Hazrat Imam Hassan was born in Medina in 3 Hijri. He was the grandson of our holy prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). His father was Hazrat Ali who is included in 10 blessed companions and her mother is Hazrat Fatima who was titled as Khatoon e Jannat (the lady of heaven). Hazrat Fatima was the youngest and dearest daughter of our prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). When he was born, our holy prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) gave him the name of Hassan. Many times Hazrat Imam Hassan and his brother Hazrat Imam Hussain sat on the back of our prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) while he was busy performing pray. Once our holy prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said:

"O Allah, I Love him, so I beseech you to love him."

Once our holy prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said that Hassan will make settlement between two groups of the Muslims. Hazrat Imam Hassan was just eight years old when our holy prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) passed away. After that, Most of his time was spent with his father Hazrat Ali. When Hazrat Ali became caliph, he appointed Hazrat Hassan as an administrator of Bait-al-Maal. He took part in various battles. He was also sent to Kufa with the intention of reinforcement after the fight against Hazrat Talha, Hazrat Zubair, and Hazrat Ayesha. He took part in the battle of siffin from his father’s side.
After the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali, he became caliph for few months but after some time when there was a chance of war between his and Ameer Muavia’s forces, he left the caliphate to stop the bloodshed and to save the Muslims. A peace treaty was signed between Hazrat Imam Hassan and Ameer Muavia. In a result of that, the life of Hazrat Imam Hassan was forsaken and he was free to go to Medina. After that Hazrat Imam Hassan came back to Medina and lived the rest of his life there. To save the lives of thousands of Muslims, he left the caliphate.
He was passed away in Medina because of a poisoning made by one of his wives. He called his younger brother Hussain and informed him that he feels it has become difficult for him to survive. He didn’t tell the name of his wife to his younger brother Hussain as he was not interested to take revenge. Instead of that, he left everything for ALLAH Almighty. He is buried in Jannat ul Baquee, the graveyard of Medina.
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