Conditions of Arabia before Islam


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Conditions of Arabia before Islam

Conditions of Arabia before Islam
Our holy prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) came with a new dawn of change in Arabia. The condition of a common man was miserable in the region before the emergence of Islam. It was a tribal society where buying and selling of the slaves was a routine activity. It was a society where inter tribe fights were common practice even without any specific reason.
In this essay, the conditions of Arabia before Islam are discussed in detail.

Political Conditions

Before Islam, the Arabian society consists of different tribes and there was not any kind of proper government. They select tribal chiefs only who had the authority to take the decision regarding any tribal issue.  The chief could be selected on the basis of family background and/or personality traits. There was a lack of one regular government in the region of Arabia.  

Social Conditions

The social conditions of Arabia were so poor as the robbery of caravans was considered a common practice among the people of Arabia. They used to sell and purchase the slaves just like animals and the social status of slaves was also not more than animals. It was purely a male dominating society where being a father of a daughter was considered so shameful. Stealing, drinking, and gambling were common practices in that society.

Cultural Conditions

The Arabian culture was very rich as the storytelling was very common in Arabia. It is the main reason why they called the non-Arabians as dumb people. They were very good at poetry. They were proud of their Arabian culture and language.

Education before Islam

Arabs were not interested in reading and writing so there were just a few people who could read and write before Islam. The second caliph of the Muslims, Hazrat Umar was one of them who were able to read and write before the emergence of Islam.  

Economic Conditions

The economic conditions were also not good especially because of inter tribe fights. They used to send the trade caravans to other regions. There was no industry developed in the Peninsula region. The community of the Jews was in better condition. Most of the arable land was in the control of Jews.
In these conditions when everything was in worst condition like education, political systems, economic conditions, social conditions and law and order etc. ALLAH Almighty sent our holy prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him as his last messenger and prophet. It was a miracle in the history of mankind as how he emerged and changed the whole conditions of the Arabian Peninsula.     

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