Compilation of Quran


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Compilation of Quran

Compilation of Quran
When our holy prophet left this world, unfortunately, the holy Quran was not compiled in the form of a book.  When Hazrat Abu Bakar became caliph, he started wars with those who claimed false prophecy. In these wars, many huffaz (memorizers of the Holy Quran) got martyred. This fight is known as the battle of Yamama. Hazrat Umar was observing this situation very closely. He discussed it with Hazrat Abu Bakar. Hazrat Abu Bakar was reluctant in doing something which was not done in the time of our holy prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).  

But after the insist of Hazrat Umar, he agreed to compile the holy Quran. For this purpose, Hazrat Abu Bakar appointed Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit with 25 other companions. Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit was leading this committee. Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit verified all the verses. To verify the Qur’anic verses, he made it compulsory to present at least two witnesses per verse. He refused to accept the verses without two persons who could bear witness that they were there when this ayat was being written. In the time of our holy prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) the ayat were written on leaves, stones, and parchments etc. He tried to collect all of these ayaat. Besides that, he called the remaining huffaz as well. The script prepared by Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit was handed over to Hazrat Abu Bakar first then it was handed over with caliphate to Hazrat Umar and then it was given to Hazrat Hafsa.

When Hazrat Umar became caliph, the boundaries of the Islamic state expanded. With the expansion of the Islamic state, another problem arose. People started to recite the Holy Quran in their local dialect. When the Muslim forces of Iraq and Syria came in communal prayer, This problem was noticed seriously how the Quran will be recited? Hazrat Huzaifa also reported it to Hazrat Usman as Hazrat Usman had become the third caliph of the Muslims after Hazrat Umar.

Hazrat Usman took that script from Hazrat Hafsa and prepared copies of this script according to the Qureshi dialect. He burnet all the copies of the Quran which were not authentic and compiled and distributed certified copies in different areas of the Islamic state. In this way, he saved the true dialect of the holy Quran. It is because he is called “Jamey al Quran” which means the compiler of the holy Quran. Besides his many other achievements, this achievement of him will make his name alive until the end of the world.
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