Articles of Faith: Resurrection


Islamiyat 2058

Articles of Faith: Resurrection

Articles of Faith: Resurrection
As a Muslim, we all believe that one day we will return to our God, ALLAH Almighty. nobody can live forever. It is clearly said in the Holy Quran that: 

“every soul should have a taste of death” 

It is taught us since our childhood that there will be a reward for good deeds and punishment for bad deeds and sins after the day of judgment. These concepts are basically part of our religious teachings. On the basis of our good deeds or sins, we will be able to enter heaven or will be sent to hell. The decision of heaven and hell will be taken on the day of judgment.

As discussed above that we all will have a taste of death, nobody knows what will happen in the grave. Though it is taught in our religion that there will be questions asked by the angels Munkir Nakeer exactly what happens, only ALLAH knows. 

In the grave, the taste of heaven or hell is given to every individual till the day of judgment. But how the day of judgment or Qayamat will come. 

When the life of the world will come to end, all the world will hear the sound of the trumpet which will be blown by the Hazrat Izrael (A.S.). after listening to his sound, all the living things will die. After that, he will below the trumpet again and all the dead people will alive again in front of ALLAH Almighty. That incident is called Qayamat or day of judgment.   

After that day, all the people will be sent to heaven or to hell. This life will be never-ending. The person with good deeds will be entered in heaven where he will enjoy all the luxuries which we can’t even thinkable in this world. These luxuries will be beyond imagination. In the same way, the person who will be entered in hell will be punished through fire where he will live his life which will be never-ending.

This life after death is an essential part of our belief which stops us to do sins and motivates us to do good deeds that are required to enter heaven where ALLAH Almighty will shower his blessings.

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