Articles of Faith: Prophets


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Articles of Faith: Prophets

Articles of Faith: Prophets
The fourth article of faith is having belief in prophets. According to the holy Quran, there were about 124000 prophets and messengers sent to guide mankind towards the way to ALLAH almighty. All of these prophets lived a sin-free life. In case, if any mistake is made by them, it was from ALLAH to teach the humankind through His prophets. All of the prophets were special ones as none of the deeds is done on their own rather all of their life was spent following the instructions given by ALLAH almighty. these instructions and messages were sent through the angel Jibrael. 

Books and commandments are also revealed on some of the prophets while most of the prophets followed the teachings of the other prophets to whom the books and the commandments were revealed. 

There were many prophets but in the Holy Quran, we can find the name of a few only. The prophets to whom the books are revealed are Hazrat Daud (David), Hazrat Mosa (Moses), Hazrat Issa (Jesus) and our holy prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Psalm is to Hazrat Daud, The Torah is to Hazrat Mosa, the bible is to Hazrat Issa and the holy Quran is revealed to Muhammad (Peace be upon him). All of the books except the Holy Quran are not available in their real form while the Holy Quran is the only book that is saved till the day of judgment and nobody can change it. 

It is the Holy Quran which bears witness that there were many prophets in the world who called the humankind in the way to ALLAH almighty. 

Besides these prophets, there were some other prophets who are discussed in the Holy Quran like Hazrat Younus, Hazrat Shoaib, Hazrat Ayub, Hazrat Ibrahim, Hazrat Ismail, Hazrat Ishaq, Hazrat Yaqub and Hazrat Yousuf, etc.

The names of these prophets and some incidents of their life are also discussed. Hazrat Yousuf is known for his beauty. His incident is discussed in detail. How Hazrat Musa was brought up in the home of Pharaoh. His miracle of the stick is also discussed. Hazrat Issa was born without father and the holy Quran bears witness that Maryam (Mother of Issa) was innocent and his birth was a miracle. Hazrat Younus remained alive while a fish had eaten him and Hazrat Ibrahim remained alive after spending many days in fire.

Our holy Prophet (Muhammad peace be upon him) was the last messenger and prophet sent by the ALLAH almighty. The holy Quran says that

“And Muhamad is not the father of any of the men from you but he is the messenger of ALLAH and seal of prophets”.

There are many miracles that belong to him. One most famous is going to skies and returning back in one night. Besides that, there were few other miracles like breaking of the moon in two parts and always a shadow of a cloud on him while he goes out of the home and is also well known in the Muslims all over the world.

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