Articles of Faith: Books


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Articles of Faith: Books

Articles of Faith: Books
Books are also included in the articles of faith. We all know that ALLAH, almighty sent various prophets which are about 124,000 in numbers. It should also be kept in mind that books are not revealed on all prophets.  

When we bring faith on ALLAH, we have to bring the faith on all the previous messengers and prophets along with the books revealed on them.  

There are only a few prophets to whom books are revealed. On some of the prophet like Hazrat 

Ibrahim, some commandments were also revealed. Mainly four books are revealed on prophets.     

Psalm (Zabur in Arabic) 

The Psalm or Zabur is revealed on Hazrat Daud. This book is not saved in its original form. 

The Torah 

The book of Torah is revealed on Hazrat Mosa. Hazrat Mosa brought a new religion by the order of ALLAH and the commandments given to the followers were written in the Torah. It was a very big book but this book is not available in its original form. The followers of Hazrat Mosa are called Jews and the nation of Hazrat Mosa is called Bani Israel. They belong to the race of Hazrat Ishaq who was the son of Hazrat Ibrahim.  

The Bible 

The Bible is revealed on Hazrat Essa. Hazrat Essa was the prophet of Christians. Before Islam the religion followed by the right people was Christianity. This book is also not available in its original form. 

All the books discussed above are related to the prophets of ALLAH and the holy Quran confirms the revelation of these books on different prophets. When all of these books vanished or changed by the people, ALLAH Almighty revealed the Holy Quran on his beloved prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).  

The Holy Quran 

The holy Quran is the last book revealed by the ALLAH Almighty. This book is revealed on our holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) who was the last prophet of ALLAH. After him, no prophet will be sent and the prophethood ends on him.  

The holy Quran is the book that is still available to read in its original form as it is a tower of light for the whole of mankind. It contains the commandments of ALLAH which will remain till the day of judgment. 

It is the Holy Quran which bears witness about the previous books and the previous prophets and their teachings. As it is the last book, ALLAH has saved it from any changes. No change is possible in the Holy Quran and the Arabic language (as it is the language of the Holy Quran) till the day of judgment. The holy Quran says about it in its words as,

"We (The ALLAH) revealed it the holy Quran and we will save it from (changes)".

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