Articles of Faith : Angels


Islamiyat 2058

Articles of Faith : Angels

Articles of Faith : Angels
Angels are also a creation of ALLAH Almighty. Believing in angels is an essential part of our faith. Angels can’t feel or think like a human can. They just worship ALLAH and perform their duties as they are ordered by the ALLAH Almighty. As they can’t do anything as per their own will, they are considered a sin-free creature of ALLAH Almighty. They will not be accountable for any of the acts of them on the day of judgment while humans and the djinn will be accountable for their bad deeds and will be rewarded for their good deeds. According to our faith, Angels are made by the divine light (Noor). No one can count them. They may be billions in numbers or maybe trillions. There some angels which are known as they are discussed in the Holy Quran and hadith.  

There are four great angels named Jibrael, Mikael, Izrael, and Israfil. 

Hazrat Jibrael 

Hazrat Jibrael is considered as the most respectable in all the angels. The main duty of Jibrael is to convey the message of Allah Almighty to all the prophets. His visits to our holy prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) were about 45000 times in 23 years. Quran also says that on Lailatul Qadar in Ramazan, Hazrat Jibrael comes on earth with the message of ALLAH Almighty to humankind.  

Hazrat Mikael 

Hazrat Mikael is in charge of all the weather on the earth. In the whole world whenever we see any wind blowing or slow or heavy raining, it is done and controlled by the Hazrat Mikael. Till the day of judgment, he will be in charge of all these activities.  

Hazrat Izrael 

According to the holy Quran, every living thing will die one day. Hazrat Izrael has to take souls out of the body at the time of death. 

Hazrat Israfil 

Hazrat Israfil is an angel which will perform the duty of blowing the trumpet (Soor) on the day of judgment. All of the living things on the earth will die with the sound of the trumpet. Then he will below the trumpet again so that all of the dead creatures will be alive again. 


After these four angels, there is another angel Rizwan which is in charge of heaven. 

Kiraman Katibin 

Kiraman and Katibin are two angels which are related to all of the humans as a writer of their sins and goodness. These writings will be shown to us on the day of judgment. 

Munkir Nakeer  

Munkir and Nakeer are the two angels which come in the grave to ask questions from all of the buried bodies. 

Except these, there are billions or trillions of the angels which perform their duties according to the orders given them by the ALLAH Almighty. There is a house of ALLAH Almighty on the skies which is known as Bait ul Mamoor and angels go around this house like we do Tawaf of Kaaba. There are about 70,000 angels do tawaf of Bait ul Mamoor in the morning and 70,000 in the evening. If an angel performs tawaf once, his turn will not come again.     

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