ALLAH in Himself


Islamiyat 2058

ALLAH in Himself

ALLAH in Himself
  • All the Muslims believe in only one God and that is ALLAH, Almighty.
  • Quran, the Holy Book of Muslims, focuses on the oneness and magnificence of the ALLAH.
  • As a Muslim, we believe that there is only one supreme power that is ALLAH.
  • Everything created in the skies and on earth is created by Him.
  • He knows everything which is in between earth and the skies.
  • He is free from all the flaws.

Attributes of ALLAH According To Quran 

There are some attributes of ALLAH described in the Holy Quran.

  • Oneness: Allah is one and no one can be equal to Him. It is described in the Surah Ikhlas of the Holy Quran as: “Say, He is ALLAH the One (1). ALLAH the Eternal, Absolute (2). He neither begets nor is born (3). Nor is there to Him any equivalent (4).”
  • Knowledge of Everything: To make us understand that ALLAH knows everything, it is described in Surah Al Baqara: “He knows what lies before them and what is after them.”
  • Authority: No one can challenge the authority of the ALLAH. The authority of the ALLAH is also described in the same Surah i.e. Surah Al Baqara. “To Him belongs all that in heaven and on earth. Who is there that can intervene with His, except by his permission?”
  • Independence: All of the creations of the ALLAH are dependent on Him but He is the only one who is not dependent on anyone or anything. He is independent of all of the creations.
  • Other Attributes: There are some attributes of ALLAH which are given in Surah Rahman. ALLAH is most Gracious to us. He taught us the Holy Quran. He created man and gave him the knowledge to speak.
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