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Main Battles of Prophet (PBUH)


Main Battles of Prophet (PBUH)

The Battle of Badar

In the year of 2nd Hijri, on 17th of Ramazan, the battle of Badar was fought between the Muslims of the Medina and the people of Mecca. The Muslim force consisted of just 313 people and besides that, very poorly equipped too. On the other hand, the force of non-believers was consisted of about 900 people who were heavily equipped with arms. Our holy prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) prayed for the success of the Muslims in the Battle of Badar. The ALLAH Almighty accepted his prayers.

Muslim force took control of most of the wells from where water could be fetched. It was done as a strategic move. Our holy prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) took consultancy from most of the experienced people who were included in the Muslim force.

The non-believers of Mecca were greater than Muslims in number and equipment both. They were confident about their win in the battle. It was a tradition that war was started with one on one fights among renowned warriors before going to be opened for the general army. The war started with three lords of Mecca who were killed by the Hazrat Hamza, Hazrat Abu Ubaidah and Hazrat Ali. After that, the general fight started and many other lords including Abu Jahal was also killed. In this war, there were just 14 Muslims who were martyred while from the people of Mecca, there were about 70 people killed and 70 were taken into custody as a prisoner of war.

The Battle of Uhud

In the Ramazan of 3rd Hijri, the people of Mecca again came in front of the Muslims of Medina. They wanted to recover the loss of last year’s incident, the battle of Badar. In this battle, they were more heavily equipped with arms. The Muslim army was consist of about 1000 people from which 300 horsemen were under the command of Abdullah bin Ubaay who was the leader of the hypocrites. He left the Muslims with his 300 horsemen and then only 700 Muslims remained to fight with the non-believers.

Near the hill of Uhud, our holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) appointed 50 archers to cover a pass and asked them not to move without his permission. Unfortunately, they felt that the Muslims have won the war and left that place to collect the war booty while 12 remained there. Till then, Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed was not Muslim even he was against the Muslims. He again attacked through that pass and killed all twelve companions of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). In this way, there were about 70 Muslims martyred. In this way, the non-believers took revenge for the battle of the Badar from the Muslims.
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