The Mole and Avagadro Constant


The Mole and Avagadro Constant

1: Define And Use The Term Mole In Terms Of The Avogadro Constant:

> Avogadro Constant: The number of atoms (or ions, molecules or electrons) in a mole of atoms (or ions, molecules or electrons): its numerical value is 6.02 × 1023

Mole: One mole of a substance is considered equal to 6.02 × 10²³ units of that substance (such as atoms, molecules, or ions). The value of the Avogadro constant is the number 6.02 × 10²³. This number quantifies the Avogadro constant. 

Note: The mole is also defined as the unit of amount of substance. It is the amount of substance that has the same number of particles (atoms, ions, molecules or electrons) as there are atoms in exactly 12 g of the carbon-12 isotope.

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