Food and Nutrition - 6065

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The Cambridge O Level Food and Nutrition prospectus presents both the hypothetical and handy parts of purchasing and getting ready food. Managing diet and wellbeing in regular day to day existence, students increase an understanding of the nutritional estimation of essential foods and build up the abilities required to deliver a decent family supper. Purchaser mindfulness is empowered, as are exclusive requirements of individual and kitchen cleanliness, particularly when students set up their insight as a regular occurrence so as to deliver innovative and pleasant dishes.

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Eduqas GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

Useful sections on the Principles of Nutrition, Diet and Good Health, Science of Cooking Food, Food Spoilage, Food Choice, Basic Mixtures. Also includes assessment guidance. Please note: this text has been written to match a different specification from a different awarding body so it does not offer full syllabus coverage.

Author: Clough-Halstead, A, and Dowling, F, and Ellis, V, Hill, J and Jones, B
Publisher: Illuminate
ISBN: 9781908682857

Examining Food and Nutrition

Clearly laid out text which is learner friendly. Covers a wide range of syllabus topics and includes assessment guidance and practice questions. Please note: this text has been written to match GCSE specifications from different awarding bodies so it does not offer full syllabus coverage of this syllabus.

Author: Ridgwell, J
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 9780435420710

Food and Nutrition

This text is learner friendly, covers the majority of syllabus topics and is suitable for all abilities. It includes Nutrition, Foods for Different Needs, Food Science, Food Preparation, Kitchen Design and Equipment.

Author: Tull, A
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198327660
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