Design and Textiles 9631

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It inspects the logical, imaginative and masterful parts of plan and materials, with a lot of chances for students to apply what they have realized by showing their insightful, innovative, and commonsense abilities. Through the investigation of filaments and textures, students get some answers concerning essential structure, contemporary style, dress assembling and the utilization of business examples to make an assortment of pieces of clothing. Students proceed to investigate material applications and innovation, taking a gander at issues, for example, readiness for reason, inventive methods, the use of shading, and ecological effect. They additionally study the creation and completing of material items, the consideration of dress, and the utilization and care of a sewing machine.

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Clothing Technology


Author: Eberle, H
Publisher: Verlag Europa-Lehrmittel Nourney, Vollmer GmbH and C
ISBN: 3808562242

Costume and Fashion: A Concise History

This book covers the development of fashion from the invention of the needle to the present day. It provides a thorough guide to the landmarks of costume history and the forms and materials used through the ages. A good reference for students working on fashion design in their studio work or their Personal Study.

Author: Laver, J
Publisher: Thames and Hudson
ISBN: 9780500204122

Encyclopaedia of Fashion Details


Author: Ireland, P
Publisher: Batsford Ltd
ISBN: 9780713464337
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