Art and Design 9479 (New)

Guide, Syllabus, Specimen and other

This syllabus considers expression and communication. Students increase a comprehension of visual perception and stylish experience, and the manners by which workmanship and configuration makes a language of its own. Most of the work for this schedule is viable or studio based, so that students can develop their capacities of observation and investigation of the visual world, affectability, aptitude, personal expression and imagination. They also figure out how to relate their abilities to an improved knowledge of their own societies, over a significant time span, just as an appreciation of pragmatic plan problems. This schedule replaces Cambridge AS and A Level Art and Design (9704) from 2019 onwards. The last arrangement for Cambridge AS and A Level Art and Design (9704) will be November 2019.

O' Levels Academy provides quality Guide, Syllabus, Specimen and other related material of Art and Design 9479 (New). Along with these you can find the past papers and notes of Art and Design 9479 (New). All the contents available here is absolutely free of cost and presented into very handy manner. If you face any difficulty, we are always open for your suggestions.



Cambridge International AS & A Level Art & Design Student Book

Supports the full syllabus for examination from 2019. Promotes understanding of the key concepts, encourages critical practice, and builds confidence in practical skills and independent expression. This resource will help both teachers and students to respond and fulfil the potential within the syllabus effectively. With a wide variety of illustrated imagery containing artist and designer’s techniques and processes.

Author: Parsons, A; Macfarlane, L and Arnould, L
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 9780008250997
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