Spanish - Language (8685)

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It empowers students to accomplish more noteworthy familiarity, precision and trust in the language as it is spoken and composed, and improve their relational abilities. They will figure out how to improve their utilization of Spanish in an assortment of circumstances, seeing how to understand writings and other source materials, separate data, start discussions and react to questions both orally and recorded as a hard copy.

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¡Acción gramática!: New Advanced Spanish Grammar

User-friendly grammar reference book with exercises.

Author: Turk, P and Zollo, M
Publisher: Hodder Education, UK
ISBN: 9780340915264

Oxford Spanish Dictionary

Also available online or as a CD. Colour layout and new entry menu to help navigate longer entries. Cultural notes to learn more about life in Spanish-speaking countries.

Author: Oxford University Press, UK
Publisher: Oxford University Press, UK
ISBN: 9780199543403
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