Environmental Management (AS only) - 8291

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This AS Level schedule creates logical information and comprehension of worldwide natural issues and hypotheses, and of the approaches and techniques for dealing with the earth. The course covers the maintainable use and the executives of assets, and methodologies that expect to ensure conditions. Students will decipher and break down information and accomplish insightful work. Contextual investigations permit instructors to pick their own guides to examine, which might be nearby, local or worldwide. Despite the fact that Cambridge International AS Level Environmental Management broadens and supplements the important Cambridge O Level and Cambridge IGCSE schedules, students don't have to have examined the subject before beginning the course.

O' Levels Academy provides quality Guide, Syllabus, Specimen and other related material of Environmental Management (AS only) - 8291. Along with these you can find the past papers and notes of Environmental Management (AS only) - 8291. All the contents available here is absolutely free of cost and presented into very handy manner. If you face any difficulty, we are always open for your suggestions.



Atmospheric Pollution: History, Science and Regulation

Textbook that provides a comprehensive introduction to the history and science of major air pollution issues. The book contains examples and problems for learners to consider. The content would suit all levels of learners and supports the atmosphere section of the syllabus.

Author: Jacobson, M
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521010443

Bath Advanced Science: Environmental Science

The textbook contains clear chapter objectives and closing summaries, a range of independent learning activities including assignments, analysis exercises and in-text questions. The science is presented in context with strong emphasis on economic, social and environmental factors. The textbook would be useful to all levels of learners.

Author: Byrne, K
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780174483052
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