Delay in A Level Exams Due to Corona Virus

The presence of coronavirus has been confirmed in different countries. Though originated from china, it has hit the European countries as well. Italy is badly affected by a coronavirus.

As other routines of our everyday lives are affected by a coronavirus, the exam schedule of GCSE and A-Level students is also expected to be postponed if the coronavirus spreads continuously. The warning has already issued by the educational figures. 

It is also a demand raised by the educational boards to draw safety measures as fear of coronavirus that out broke, will be at its peak when exams will be going on.  

Ofqual, the exam regulatory authority is working with boards to analyze the scenario and to consider the alternative dates for exams.  

Exams of GCSE and A-Level are about to start from May 11, it is expected that the decision regarding dates will be taken soon. According to Ofqual, they are aware of the students, parents, schools and colleges concern about the impact of coronavirus on the exams of summer 2020.  

Ofqual advised the students to continue the preparation for their exams in a normal way as restricting the disturbance at its minimum level is our priority.  

It is also under consideration the regulatory authority that those students who can’t perform well due to coronavirus will have “special consideration” when their grades will be decided. It is also expected that those who will not be able to sit in the exams due to coronavirus, will be examined on the basis of their previous performance.  

Although the government advises not to close the schools, there are about 40 schools have been closed.

According to the health secretary, Matt Hancock, the school should not be closed unless there is a positive case of coronavirus is reported and the advice of public health England has been issued to close the school. 

It is also informed by the Public Health England and the Department of Education that even there is a confirmed Covid-19 case, it will be unnecessary to close the education settings or child care. If any student is affected by a coronavirus, it is advised to isolate him/her from others. He/she should stay at home for 14 days.

According to official advice, the rest of the school should continue all other activities as usual and there is no need to take extra precautionary measures.  

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