Chromosome Behavior in Mitosis



Chromosome Behavior in Mitosis

Chromosome Behavior in Mitosis

Chromosome Behavior In Mitosis


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Chromosomes start coiling during prophase. Thus, they become more visible under a microscope as seen in the photomicrograph.

The centrioles divide and move to the opposite ends of the cell.


Spindles are formed during the metaphase.

Chromosomes are present at the equator and arranged perpendicular to the fibers.


During anaphase spindles start shortening. This results in pulling of chromosomes at opposite ends.

Chromosomes break at the center and move towards the opposite pole.


Chromosomes have reached the opposite pole.

The nuclear membrane is formed again.

Observing Stages Of Mitosis In Temporary Root Tip Preparations

The tip of the root contains meristematic tissue which is actively dividing to increase the height of the plant. Thus, a sample of cells can be obtained to observe mitosis.


1 Cut the tip of the root.
2 transfer it to a watch glass.
3 Add 30 drops of ethano arcein stain with 3 drops of HCL.
4 Heat it in a water bath for 2 to 3 minutes.
5 Transfer the tip to slid and add few more drops of stain.
6 Cover the root tip with a coverslip.
7 Observe it under a microscope.

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